About us

The tradition and the good work of ACEITES JEREZ, S.L. is its personal seal that, since the end of the XIX century, the ancestors of Mr. Enrique Jerez Hernández created the first oil mill, constituted by a stone mill and presses of capachos. Since then, Aceites Jerez has been producing the best quality oils from the CORNICABRA variety.
Generation after generation, the knowledge is transmitted from parents to children, from grandparents to grandchildren, in order to maintain the love for tradition and good customs. Currently the company is managed by the third generation, a young and dynamic team that knows that only with quality and service can conquer the most demanding markets.

We are a family company that grows, manufactures, packages and distributes our olive oil, which allows us to supervise all the processes, as well as their traceability. This guarantees that the final quality of the product is optimal in the final product, without being affected excessively in prices, since we avoid the intervention of third parties in our distribution chain, which makes us very competitive in terms of the prices we can offer. 

We have a capable and experienced staff that works daily to offer our customers a top quality product, excellent service and innovative ideas. We currently have a highly qualified export department specialized in the internationalization of our brand, providing advice to our customers to obtain the best results.

Our oil mill is equipped with the most advanced technology, as well as packaging lines of great versatility in terms of the customization of packaging formats. Its state-of-the-art warehouses are capable of preserving the final product in optimal conditions of temperature and luminosity, necessary for the perfect conservation of the product. We have a capacity of more than 2 million liters. Since its origins, Aceites Jerez has always been committed to investing in the best technologies on the market in production quality processes, as well as final control in the laboratory.

We take good care of our different varieties of olives, we own 30 hectares of cultivated land in the region of La Sagra -Toledo, center of the Iberian Peninsula. The region of La Sagra is a very fertile area, bathed by the Tajo river and with charming villages. Its soils are rich in both clay and gypsum, giving its oils a special touch. Our centenary plantation, which has specimens of more than 300 years old, are the ones that provide us with our famous extra virgin olive oil, known by many as the liquid gold of our land.


Our mission

To be able to share with the world an oil of excellent quality, to benefit from it and to make it available to everyone.

Our vision

To use our national knowledge and experience to create an international brand by assuming the highest standards of customer-oriented quality.

Our values

We are a company with tradition that seeks excellence through honest work, trust, commitment and loyalty on our part and that of our suppliers, to offer an outstanding product to our business partners and always looking for the empathy of our final consumer.  

From Toledo to the world, sharing our excellent olive oil so that it can be enjoyed by many people in different countries, with different tastes and also be accepted by the most demanding palates.  

Our great experience, knowledge and structure allows us to adapt to the needs and demands of the market, we look for strong and lasting alliances to grow and develop our olive oil together.

We are currently represented in many parts of the world and are present in the main continents such as: Europe, America and Asia.