Pack AOVE La Flor de Mi Olivo varieties

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La Flor de Mi Olivo EVOO Pack contains 3 varieties of olive oil: Picual, Cornicabra and Arbequina, with a 250 ml bottle of each variety.  La Flor de Mi Olivo EVOO Pack is an ideal pack to give as a gift or for your own consumption.

Pack AOVE La Flor de Mi Olivo 3 bottles 250 ml.


It is the most abundant variety in Spain and the world. Its variety name refers to its fruit shape. Its oil is highly appreciated for its high stability, which gives it a high resistance to high temperatures in the kitchen and is suitable for the preservation of raw or cooked food.

They are full-bodied oils with a variety of herbaceous aromas such as tomato and fig.

You can appreciate flavors such as olive leaf, a slight peak and bitterness.

Picual is an excellent alternative in salads with a lot of vinegar or with different pickles. It is also the ideal oil to complete smoked fish recipes. Very suitable for any type of frying. Combines well with any dish where rice is the main ingredient.


This type of olive is the second Spanish variety in terms of cultivated area. It is easy to find in the province of Toledo, Ciudad Real and Madrid. Its name refers to the curved shape of the fruit, reminiscent of a goat’s horn.

Its oil is very aromatic, with many fruits among which apple stands out.

In the mouth, herbaceous notes of olive leaf can be appreciated with a slightly bitter taste.

Cornicabra Variety Oil harmonizes perfectly with roasts in general and also with white fish. It is also very suitable for frying, sautéing and using raw.


This olive variety gives a very fluid, sweet olive oil in which it is almost impossible to notice bitter or spicy flavors. Its ripe green fruit makes it an excellent recommendation for simple salads of lettuce, tomato, cucumber and onion. But also in other salads based on quedo and walnuts. It has a fruity aroma of olives, apple, banana and almond. It is excellent for fish recipes, but also for grilled chicken, quail or rabbit.

It is also recommended for use in confectionery for baking cakes, cupcakes or even ice cream.

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